Sunday, 7 March 2010

Melanie Walsh joins the ranks of Glamour Stars Live

Melanie Walsh is a good friend of mine. We got to know each other as she had a site with Only Tease similar to mine, mine was called Only Carla and hers was called, have a guess... that's right Only Melanie! We used to shoot together quite a lot for both sites and had a hell of a lot of fun and became good friends.
Melanie started off on Page 3 of the Sun and shot for all of the lads mags like FHM and Loaded as well as Playboy. She gained a huge following from her Page 3 appearances as well as from Only Melanie so everyone was disappointed when the site stopped just over a year ago. Mel Walsh had decided to stop modelling but she's now back! She has shot for Only Tease and is now doing live shows and chats on webcam at Glamour Stars Live. So if you're a fan of Melanie Walsh you know where to meet her now!

New to Blogging

Hi everyone, my name is Carla Brown - I'm a UK-based glamour model and Director of a publishing company called Wow Zoom Publishing. This is me on the right, albeit an airbrushed glossy version of me but me nonetheless. You may know me from my website Only Carla which I updated with new pics, diary entries and videos for three years but which is now archived. After Only Carla stopped I got thinking and decided I'd like to start running sites of my own so I started Pin-Up WOW and Glamour Stars Live.
It's much harder work moving in to the business side of the glamour industry than I realised and I'm learning a lot. I thought I would start the blog to keep you up-to-date with what shoots I've been doing,what I've been learning and any news on the business side of things such as which new models have been added to our sites or new features.